Mission Statements:

Sending Flores exists to show the unconditional love of Christ to the world. We serve locally and globally and have a calling to be HIS hands and feet.
Velvet Hearts exists to show the unconditional love of Christ to women and men who work in the sex industry and to renew and reaffirm hope and a future to them.

Friday, May 17, 2019

I AM in for Berlin

Sending Flores has chosen to partner with European Initiative.  You can visit EI’s WEBSITE for more information about their organization.  There are many reasons we made the decision to go to Berlin for our first ever Sending Flores mission trip.  “Europe is in a spiritual crisis. It is one of the spiritually darkest continents of our time and one of the least evangelized in the world. Currently, less than 2.5% of Europeans are evangelical Christian source: Operation World. Atheism, agnosticism, secularism, and Islam are on the rise.      Within Europe there are villages without a single life-giving church. Thousands have never even seen or held a Bible. Millions will spend eternity apart from God unless the Gospel reaches them. While many want nothing to do with “religion”, they are open to having a personal relationship with Jesus Christ. We have great hope for Europe. Jesus is alive and is relentless and passionate in His pursuit of Europeans. EI teams partner with a small, but mighty remnant of European believers who are bravely contending for revival in their cities and nations. As more laborers go into these unreached but ripened fields, we believe Europe will be saved. Founded in 2007, EI has established its first base in Germany’s capital, Berlin, reaching its inhabitants through Creative Arts Street Evangelism. Since then, the ministry has spread to about a dozen other cities all over Germany, and established flourishing partnerships to many churches and Christian organizations all over the country to bring the Good News to the spiritually impoverished of this seemingly rich nation.” -taken from EL’s website

“Contemporary Europe has become the most godless civilization the world has ever known.”
– New York Times

There is a Red Light District that encourages prostitution which is legal in Berlin.  The women take clients into abandon garages, cars, or behind dumpsters to complete the acts requested.  I found these images on google and then followed a Facebook trail to this woman who is in Berlin.  Alyssa is one of 1,000’s who need to hear about our Jesus, our redemption, and our love.  We will go into this area to minister to the women and men.  

There will be other parts of the trip including ministry to drug addicts, homeless, and “normal” people on the city squares.  We will do a flash mob and this will draw a crowd.  The skit we do will point to a savior and then we will disperse into the crowd to share our testimony and the gospel.

We are so excited about this opportunity and hope you will consider joining us.  Here is a video put together by EI.  Click Here Please let me know if you want to be put on the our I AM Interested List by emailing  sendingflores@gmail.com with the subject line I AM in for Berlin.